Content could be understood through bees and their construction of hives.  First the bees, there are 3 types of bees in a hive-Worker Bees, Drone Bees and the Queen Bee. Each are set to do a specific task such as collecting nectar from flowers or constructing the hive. Each task done by the bees leads to the positive effect for the hive and the hive hangs as a Home, Food Source and a place to breed, this makes it an astonishing work of Nature. Similar, building content is not that different, content can be in the form of videos, infographics, blogs, pictures et cetera. Each of these tasks are done separately by specialized people but these drops of nectar together would create Honey for the Business.

Hence at eVigilants, after an intensive analysis of your goals, competitors and target audience, we come up with creative content ideas using the content formats most convenient for your existing and potential customers. Our team of experienced copywriters, creative minds, highly skilled developers and talented designers can help you reach your goals with original ideas employing a variety of content formats.